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  • When To See A Podiatrist About Ankle Pain
    Our ankles are made up of bands of tissue called ligaments that connect one bone to another and bind the joints together. Ligaments work in the same way that rubber Read more
  • Treating Your Corns
    How your podiatrist in Bellingham, WA, can help you get relief from cornsCorns are painful and ugly. They can also keep you on your couch because they make it painful Read more
  • What Are Hammertoes?
    How your podiatrist in Bellingham, WA, can help if you have a hammertoe If you’ve ever suffered the pain of hammertoes, you already know how they can impact your life. A Read more
  • Taking Care of Your Feet When You Have Diabetes
    Keeping your feet healthy is always important, they get you where you want to go, but if you have diabetes the reasons amplify as do the possible problems that may Read more
  • Treating Bunions and Corns
    Bunions and corns are among the most common foot conditions worldwide. But they are also preventable and easily manageable with the right tools. Here at Family Foot Care of Bellingham Read more
  • How We Can Help You Manage Your Ankle Pain
    Find out what’s causing your ankle pain and how to properly treat it. Despite how incredible the human body is, when it comes to the ankle joint this rather small structure Read more
  • Causes of Heel Pain And Treatment Options
    Struggling with heel pain? Here at Family Foot Care Bellingham, located in Bellingham, WA, Dr. Sherwin provides treatment options for patients suffering from this issue. Equipped with years of experience Read more
  • Treating and Preventing Ingrown Toenails
    An ingrown toenail is a common foot problem that occurs when the corner of a toenail, usually the big toe, grows into the skin. As you might imagine, this can Read more
  • What Causes Toenail Fungus?
    Toenail fungus is a common problem that can be rather challenging to get rid of. While toenail fungus can happen to anyone it most often occurs in older adults. If Read more
  • Plantar Fasciitis
    While heel pain is a common problem this doesn’t mean that it should just be brushed aside or considered a small matter. Untreated heel pain can lead to long-term pain Read more
  • Taking Care of Little Feet
    A child's feet grow rapidly during the first year, reaching almost half of their adult foot size. This is why podiatrists consider the first year to be the most important Read more
  • Preventing Blisters
    While the appearance of blisters may be embarrassing, the pain accompanying them is often much worse and more of a concern for people who have them. Blisters: Blisters appear on a swollen Read more
  • Bunions: Symptoms and Treatment Options
    With the ability to cause nagging discomfort throughout the day and prohibit daily movements as simple as walking, bunions can quickly turn from a barely noticeable bump on your toe, Read more
  • What is Metatarsalgia?
    Metatarsalgia denotes a common foot condition characterized by pain and inflammation of the joints and bones of the ball of the foot - the area just before the toes, also Read more
  • Dealing With Foot Odor
    The feet have more sweat glands than any other part of the body, which means they have the ability to sweat profusely. With your feet encased in your shoes all Read more
  • What are Bone Spurs
    Bone spurs, also known as osteophytes, can occur anywhere in the skeletal system, and the feet are no exception. Bone spurs are simply overgrowths of bone, which most commonly form Read more

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